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Coaching is not for everyone! Only those who are ready to move beyond good enough. For leaders who want to move past their own limits or barriers and are willing to move toward excellence, like Tony.

"Coaching helped me refocus my outside life to better balance responsibilities giving time for personal recharge which ultimately strengthened management performance.” Tony Price, Customer Care Assistant Manager, Radio Systems Corporation

What results can You expect from coaching?

We work together to co-create an individualized program moving you toward your goals.

Neuroscience has proven the power of conversation - how it changes your thought patterns. Coaching promotes Emotional Intelligence by increasing:

1. Self-awareness - the ability to read your moods and strengths as well as their affect on others
2. Self-regulation- the ability to control or redirect impulses...act with integrity
3. Motivation - passion goes beyond status to the pursuit of goals with energy and persistence
4. Empathy - the ability to understand emotional makeup of others. Skill in treating people
5. Social skill- proficiency in managing relationships and building networks an ability to find common ground and build rapport

My promise to you: a coach you can trust with a no-nonsense approach. My ten plus years of coaching have taught me each of us has the potential to be much more - to continue to grow and learn. You're only one decision away from fulfilling your 2017 vision.

Contact me today. Let's discuss how you can use coaching as a tool to meet your goals.

I was using the coaching concept with my team, but after experiencing coaching with Yvonne, I've broadened my perspective for not only my direct reports, but also improved my own management performance by eliminating barriers and improving perspective. Kurt Godfrey, Manager Customer Care, Invisible Fencing

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Yvonne is available in Oak Ridge, Knoxville, Loudon County, Lenoir City, Maryville, Chattanooga, Clinton, Maryville; all 16 East TN counties and because she works by phone-nationally. Email via the contact page to see if coaching is a good fit for you.