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“There is no shortage of days...It is good lives that are hard to come by.”

Annie Dillard


Are you ready to work with a no-nonsense (read no woo-woo) coach? You've come to the correct site for a bottom line coach who works primarily with managers (35-50) who want to improve productivity.

Take the Pressure Off



The job demands are the same but resources have been cut...You feel you're in a pressure cooker! How do you let off the steam without hurting your reputation or your job?




Improve Performance at Work and Home

  • Improve performance at work
  • Boost relationships at home
  • Set Clear Boundaries between the two

Coaching accelerates the process.  As your coach, I draw out your strength. Find the key to top performance.  Build a life and career based on your values. Our coaching begins with a VIP Day.

A VIP Day is time dedicated to YOU. During that time focused on you and your future, you will:

  • Identify Core Values
  • Identify Your Strengths
  • Make Purposeful Actions
  • Clearly Choose Priorities


One client described it this way: "I just don't get as aggravated as I used to." You'll increase patience confident your decisions are based on your truth.

What results can I expect?

I not only reached the goals I set, but got more than expectedI recommend this process for men wanting to go beyond a successful business to balancing personal goals and improving relationships.  RDisharoon

Here's what Ed said: Yvonne’s strengths-based approach to coaching has given me another tool to address tough challenges whether at work or outside of it.  This has made me more effective as a leader and as a professional.

"Wow, I guess I had not processed that experience. Thanks for bringing out the wisdom that was inside of me, but I was too busy to apply."  TLB

Micheal said, "I can now relax in my natural gifts. This has changed not only my professional plans, but improved my future plans for personal development."

I now organize and summarize my thoughts easier and can deliver them creatively and confidently."

When you sign up for my monthly motivational newsletter in the box at the top right, you will be notified of workshops and offerings. You'll always receive an inspirational infusion to increase motivation.  You'll also be eligible for my Subscriber Only tele-conference calls with tips for stress less living, often ending with a short coaching opportunity.  One subscriber describes it this way: "I always save your newsletters until I have time to process. I love the way you sift through information and just give me what is useful."

My bottom line goal is to give you what works best for you. A coach you can trust.



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